Sunday, 23 September 2012


So I cheated, my girlfriend might just lose it. How could I do something this cruel? She loved me with everything in her. She placed me before anyone. I loved her too.
I remember how we started, all the hurdles I had to jump over to get to her heart and I am sitting in this room, I can’t even look at myself in the mirror. What have I done?
She made me promise never to lie to her and here I was planning what I was going to tell her, my perfect excuse. I need redemption. She was still at work and in an hour she would be home. My biggest fear would be her noticing the awkward feeling. I was about to have dinner with her close friends and few of her family members. Wow, I have truly outdone myself this time.
This is my story, I had the perfect relationship, it was like a perfect match made in heaven, she was my sidekick and best friend. We shared everything together from bad moments to exciting ones. Planned holiday trips and sometimes traveled to remote locations because we wanted to be alone. Then she got a job that made her move few miles away from me. First few weeks, I would shuttle between my house and hers, located outside town. It felt like we had it under control until the stress from work started to kick in, I couldn’t handle it anymore. Most nights driving back to her place I would hit the sheets immediately I undress and my back touches the soft bed or she would come back extremely tired and all she wants to do is sleep. The connection was still there but the intimacy was gone.
I cannot say how the cheating started but all I know was that it felt good having something different to the point where I would turn down sex because I already got some earlier on. This was a new experience and I wanted to explore my options. I know what I was doing was wrong but I just couldn’t help myself. Here I was, sleeping next to the most gorgeous woman I have ever met in my life and I couldn’t stop thinking about another woman. The new strange woman controlling my life, first it was one and then they became two. It got to a point I was shuffling between 5 different women. The issue of keeping up with whatever new experience I was having remained a mystery. Every time my girlfriend would come over to which she usually calls 2hours before time, I clear up any trace of evidence that I may find really hard to explain. I still remember one event where I almost got caught, it was early evening and I just got home from work, I decided to hit it off with one out of the 5 women I just met. While I was going at it hard, my cell phone begins to vibrate… oh shiiiiiii, my lady was calling. I didn’t want to stop so in my head I figured I had it under control because if I don’t pick she won’t stop calling so I decided to pick up. Few minutes into the conversation, the new girl at my end started moaning loud.. I’m like WTF!!! I am screwed but luckily for me, my lady did not hear it quick enough before I ended the call. I kept telling myself to expect the worst just incase she did hear and was planning on teaching me a bitter lesson but she didn’t hear anything, whew. I still didn’t learn from that.
Here I was, sitting in her bedroom, full of guilt. My girlfriend is about to come home and I brought a strange woman to her house. I had 4 strange women over. This was my girlfriend’s birthday and I just couldn’t act right. I still cant believe I did this to her though?
I pulled through and faked a smile when she walked into the apartment. Rushed to kiss her but still felt guilty, she whispered in my ears.. I am putting on my birthday suit tonight and you are going to do to me as you see fit. Oh my, 4 women already… I was so exhausted. I can’t do this. I need to tell her what’s going on. She won’t understand no matter what. My eyes kept wandering about, searching for any evidence that can implicate me further. If she finds out before I tell her, I am dead. If I tell her before she finds outs, I am dead. Either way I was going to die anyway.
We had dinner and alcohol did the trick for me, came home and gave her an amazing birthday gift.
Few days later, I was supposed to see her but I cancelled to stay home instead. Decided it was time to hang out with two of my favorite ladies instead from the original 5. I had to let 3 girls go but I couldn’t give these 2 girls up, they were pro’s.
With the confidence that at most, if my girl was going to come over she would call regardless of the fact that she already had a spare key to my apartment, I proceeded in going about my business. The girls were so loud that I didn’t even hear her knock, my celly vibrate or when she walked in and stood there watching me go at it with my heart for about 45mins, changing positions, inter changing girls, I even had a large lube tube incase things got dry. This was it. My defining moment. I was just enjoying myself a little bit too much and decided to take a break. When the room was finally dead silent…. All I could hear was my name, I turned around and my girlfriend was standing behind me looking at me with so much amazement. She was going to kill me now for sure. She finally caught me cheating.
Oh by the way, I was watching porn and beating my meat. And the 5 girls were my favorite pornstars. Alexis Texas, Rachel Starr, Austin Taylor, Kelly Divine and Ms Raquel.


  1. Wow,,,, fucking creative! i was expecting some acid pouring from your girlfriend.... nice post!

  2. Brilliant..*smiln hard*....was totally xpecting somethng painfull blog yea.

  3. Ohhhhh wooow I was expecting something totally different

  4. Wow! She is sooo kind nd nt as wild as some girls. U shuld b tnkin God ur still fine (I guess u r)

  5. oh boy!!, my girl has not caught me yet but she suspects me after seeing live Jasmin pop-ups on my laptop a few times. This is technically called cheating but it beats "calling a jump off". Now if you would excuse me, i am about to go clear my history for today on my laptop and await my woman's arrival. Thank you Sophie Dee and Kristina Rose because even though i have never met the both of you, you both help me get through the day.