Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Staring at her, I was finally home.. A place so familiar, I never wanted to leave. Chioma was the love in my life.
Watching my future bride to be dance in her wedding dress melted my heart and suddenly it was as if she realized someone was watching her, she turned around looking at me with so much emotion written on her face, they say it is bad luck to see the bride in a wedding dress before you say I do, but this moment felt like it was meant to be, I walked slowly towards her, admiring her beauty, she laughed out loud, I was indeed lost, her laughter was the only thing that brightened my horrible day. I couldn’t believe it, Chioma looked so heavenly, it seemed like we were not going to wait till the next morning before getting married. The mood felt so right, I wanted to hold on to this for as long as I could.  I held her hand, and just then, Ellie Goulding’s “all I want “song started playing. Tears flowed freely from our eyes, this was the girl I loved so much with my heart, at a point, and she was the person I envisioned my future with. She made me a man, she made me grow up. I would give anything and everything in this world to keep her in my life. With tears in our eyes, I wanted to kiss her lips but I ended up kissing her forehead instead. She let out a deep sigh and called out my name “Kalu, you know I love you right?” who said a man is not supposed to cry, my eyes kept betraying as I murmured yes.  I didn’t even understand what the tears was about, was it the song that was playing in the background or the moment we were sharing. “Kalu, I love you very much…. But I would say what you have been afraid to say all this while. I feel that way too” “we are making a big mistake, we shouldn't get married” “I promised never to leave you, you are all I have Kalu but we cannot do this” and Chioma kissed my lips. More tears flowed. She was right. We were making a big mistake. Somehow, all we had in common were the constant fights, arguments, the nagging, the complaints, the embarrassments in front of the people we love. The pain we made each other feel and in those moments our fragile hearts became only but a memory of a rock. We loved each other but we fell out of love. I had become the man she was with and she was the love in my life. I let go of her hand, I looked at her one more time, this beautiful face that I have grown to cherish. I may never see the face again. Chioma smiled at me, turned around, grabbed her bag from the drawer and walked into the bathroom. That was my cue to leave the room. I stood there frozen. Suddenly our life together began to flash before my eyes, our good moments, how happy she made me feel. Bang, my thoughts was brought to a stop. I just heard a gun go off in the bathroom.

Not every love story has a happy ending. The end


  1. Wow! Oh no! Don't know wot to say. Unhealthy and Abusive relationships should end before it swallows us up.

  2. I read it n really speechless. We really shouldn't allow ourselves to get to that lowest level..

  3. Oh my, My, My!! another mind blowing masterpiece from the pieces master Himself I Salute u Sir ♥!
    Adaeze was here! Xox♥

  4. Wow. I love this