Sunday, 25 November 2012

140 Characters

This post is dedicated to everyone who has caught real feelings on twitter. Cheers!

140 characters was all It took for me to love you. 140 characters reminded me of how much reading your timeline is the highlight of my day.
140 characters lead my heart to you, in the most unlikely situations where my day takes a different turn; all I need to do is read your 140 characters. Some days they are less and some days they are more, but I still fall in love with it.
I still remember searching for your handle, I still remember zooming out on your avatar and going through your pictures, how I kept telling myself I have found the right person to connect with. I won’t lie, I fell for your beauty but I fell in even more after I read your 140 characters.
It is funny how I can feel this way about someone I have not physically met but I feel close to you with your 140 characters. Every tweet, every retweet. Though we are many miles apart, but my heart is connected to you, your 140 characters.
I find myself waking up in the middle of the night just to bask in your 140 characters, my very own obsession. Sneaking my phone into meetings just to browse through the series of your 140 characters, in church while the service is going on scrolling through your TL, reading every word of your 140 characters, acting like I am concentrating on my mobile bible or taking notes down, monitoring your TL, making sure our 140 characters can relate to each other. 140 characters.
In the words of Keisha white’s song “weakness in me”… to you I gave my affection right from the start. You got my heart on lockdown with your 140 characters.
Some days it feels like we are having conversations, your 140 characters meets up with my 140 characters in the middle. We don’t mention each other but it feels like our 140 characters are talking.
I know how crazy it sounds; I know how surreal it feels. This is not real but my heart skips many beats whenever I read your 140 characters.
Your 140 character that is a reflection of you and your ever so beautiful mind.
I get to know how you are feeling, how your day is going, I get to interact with your mind implicitly.
When I am in the midst of people, I find myself checking for new updates on your 140 characters. Listening to my favorite song and reading your 140 characters, even when I log off, I sign in back just because I need to see your 140 characters.
“I am lost without you, I can’t help myself”. My world is centered on your 140 characters. Your 140 characters are funny, real, heart felt, naughty, true, facts and sometimes just bants but I can relate to them at any level.
140 characters, who would have thought mere words can make a mortal wish for immortality, A chance to read your 140 characters forever.
I really want to reply to your 140 characters by telling you how I feel but I fear you may misunderstand my intentions. Stories of people trying to get it with 140 characters, setting p’s, leaving heartbreaks behind, playing with emotions. I just want to know if by any chance, my 140 characters and your 140 characters can add up and make 143.
140 characters define how I feel for you, I don’t need to write you a long love letter, 140 characters are just enough.
140 characters left my love speechless, if only you could hear the harmony my heartbeat sings to the thoughts of you.
I get jealous sometimes when I read other tweets where your handle is mentioned. Where, out of the goodness of your heart you reply also. I wish I was bold enough to say exactly how you make me feel, what you do to me, how you affect me, how you make my earth shake, how often I read your 140 characters and go breathless.
I hope to be more than 140 characters to you and if that happens, I pray we never forget how we started, 140 characters.