Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Truth

They say losing a loved one is the most hurtful experience to ever go through and i strongly agree. They say it gets easy with time but it never does, time makes it even hard to deal with their absence. They say we need to be strong, how do we even do that when all we are left with are memories of them. It never gets easy, the fact that we know we may never see them again.... Makes us regret not spending enough time with them when they were alive. We recount those moments where we were too busy with other things in our lives to even check up on them, those moments where they call us and we are too busy to call them back, those moments where we plan on how we intend on taking time off to see them... We are just left with regrets, it is too late to even right that but some people don't even get the chance to have such regrets, all they are left with is the piercing pain, they never expected to lose a loved one. Life is so precious and yet so fragile, no one is guaranteed tomorrow but we only stay alive by Gods grace. Regrets or not, moments filled with what could have been, no one is ever prepared to lose a loved one. We are forever left with a memory of them, activities, places, songs, food, scents that remind us of them. We never truly come to terms with losing them. Even after years pass by, their absence is deeply felt. Coming to terms with Losing someone you love is never easy. No one would truly ever understand that pain and we do mot wish it on others. We cry when we think about them not because we are weak but because in our memories, they are still full of life. We cry because we miss them. All the words we wish we could have said to them, telling them how much we love them.... We cry because we wont ever have such opportunity to express how content we are to have them in our lives. We cry not because we are weak but because they meant something to us. Losing a loved one is the worst kind of experience to go through but we know, even if we cant bring them back to life, they still live on in our memories. To the immortal memories of a lost loved one.

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