Saturday, 3 January 2015


You are  the beginning of all my beginnings; You are my January that erased December. My perfect summer that made winter seem like a myth. You hold the key to my heart, you own my heart, you are my heart…
You have my love and devotion; you are my everything, my only and my all.
You erase my pain, you dry my tears, you fill my cup with joy and constantly puts a smile on my face.
I have the best gift anyone could ask for, a human with a heart of gold. Even in your flaws, you are the definition of perfection in every sense, literally.
A gentle soul, soft spoken, an aura of pure kindness, you are a masterpiece.
You bring illumination to my dark world, you brighten my life.
You make me truly happy, you maintain my state of happiness. Everything you touch is a blessing and a miracle.
You are my soothing calming agent, always there before a storm to prevent me from making mistakes, always there after an outburst to help me uplift my downcast frame of mind.
You are my heaven on earth... my paradise. No pain, no sadness... just pure bliss.
31 days had gone by, and everything around me lacked meaning because I hadn't gotten to the best part, because I didn't live everyday with you.
First 10 days, I tried so hard to stay relevant, I wanted to be desperately valued. Second 10 days, I assumed I had gotten all I wanted, what I imagined I needed. 3 extra days went by, I began to see things clearly, how much time I had wasted on what I pictured was important. 7 days after that; I had a reality check, I needed a better start, I needed to believe again, I needed to have hope, I needed to feel alive. The last day; I completely gave up.. maybe happiness is far fetched  and then all of that changed.
I met you on the first day of a new month... and I realized I was finally at peace. I was home. I had you. I have you.
In that moment where you give me all your attention, nothing else exist. My love for you I cannot explain. My sunshine in the rain.
Hello my January....

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  1. Hmmmm January my birth month. .. lovely writeup