Monday, 10 November 2014


To rebuild with you because we are both broken….
To start a new life with you because our past no longer matters, the love we share that binds us together erases every painful memory from the life we had with other people.
I love you; these words never seem to be enough. I love you for who you are to me, I love you for the strength you share with me in my time of weakness, I love you for everything you are, everything I am, for everything we have, for everything we share, for everything we hope for and for everything that makes us.
Through the lies and betrayal, through the disappointments: my journey led me to you. How else can I appreciate a blessing without experiencing what it feels like to be without one?
A bitter heart cannot love, I was so consumed with getting even with those who hurt me that I lost sight of what happiness felt like, then I met you; and you healed my broken heart, taught me how to forgive and now loving you brings me so much joy, I am finally at peace.
I always imagined spending the rest of my life with almost everyone I fell in love with and somehow, the end was always near and my imaginations, a bit far-fetched but with you, I am finally living the life I wanted; in your arms, in your smile and laughter, in the depths of your love. I am living my future in the present with you.
I love the person I have become, somehow I find myself trying to go beyond average to be my best. You understand my pain, my hurt, my sadness. Even in the moments where I am at my lowest, you are always a step ahead, waiting for me to get better, trying to make me feel better, encouraging me to go on, showing me how certain pains in life demands to be felt because it helps to shape us in becoming stronger. You are my refuge and my rehab.
And in moments where I bask in the joy of having you all to myself, the happiness I feel; overwhelms my mortal being. For as long as the earth needs the stars, moon and the sun, I will constantly need and want you in my life. 
To rebuild with you because we are both broken… divided we fall, united we stand and together we strive…
And even if all I have with you is borrowed time, I intend on living a full life with it, every moment, every chance and every opportunity.
You are my happy place. 
You are my home, my heaven and my paradise.

I love you 


  1. Ever the wordsmith! This could pass for my wedding vows! Beautiful

  2. Wow!! I wish I can say those words to someone and really mean/feel it...

  3. Love is beautiful. I need someone in form of my husband that would read this beautiful words to me.

  4. These words though...*pheewww*

  5. Don't ever stop writing. Whether you feel like it or not. You have a beautiful gift, keep on sharing it. God bless

  6. These words will definitely heal a wounded soul! Beautiful...