Saturday, 28 April 2012

My Day

So my day did not go too bad at all. I missed my train like 3 times before I got on the right one. 1st train I missed, I was still in the bathroom trying to convince myself I needed to make the trip from my county to another county. Finally made up my mind and decided to call a cab that did not show up on time. On my way to the train station, I missed another train and on getting to the train station, I absolutely forgot about buying a new ticket because I assumed I had a return ticket somewhere in my back pack. I off loaded every item in search of the holy grail (my assumed return ticket) and I came up with nothing. I decided to give up the search and purchase a new ticket, which of course I did, trying to beat time. And for the third time I missed my train. The strangest thing about this, I did not even get upset about this. Finally I got on what seemed to be the forth train for the day that I almost missed because I was buying coffee and ham/cheese panini. I get on the train and then this loud woman comes to sit next to me smelling of ginger, garlic and a lot of different cooking seasoning. For half an hour, I felt like I had walked into a traditional Asian kitchen. So I packed what was left of my almost extinct man balls and changed my seat, 2hrs with her???? No way. The only available sit had this pretty brunette with blue eyes smiling right at me. For a moment, the true african child in me came to life, I was totally flustered. I could have sworn I blushed a bit, which ofcourse I know black people can not blush because our skin is too dark. She says hi before I put my flat bum on the seat and I replied hi back. Talked throughout the journey but we did not ask about our names, take phone numbers or exchange pins and emails. We just talked. I have never laughed so loud. The conversation had to be the most intelligent conversation I have had in awhile. We had brief moments where would look at each other and just smile for no reason and while I was still enjoying my semi brief moment In paradise, I hear this on the PA: we are now approaching our final destination. And just like that, we went our separate ways with no names or any medium to communicate. In all, it was a good day after all.

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