Friday, 27 April 2012


What if we truly get what we always wanted and do not know how to deal, appreciate or accept it. Honesty and trust they say are the fundamental things that make life less of a roller coaster ride, i have always fought against lies and secrets because they hurt the people we love but what if we tell lies and keep secrets just to protect the people we love because if we tell the truth they might trust us less or reveal secrets they might freak out and not know how to handle it. What if our greatest purpose was to sacrifice ourselves for the people we love and they have no clue of what we had to go through to keep them smiling. I would always want it all… joy, fame, happiness, love and peace of mind but every time we search and think we have found it, it always elude us and that leaves me thinking… do we really get it all. So many happy memories of the past, why cant the present be like that. They say in order to enjoy life, you have to constantly live forward, no ties with the past and your present/future is all that matters… what if your past makes so much sense and you wish to go back or it seems so much betr than the present…. Everything that once meant much do not seem to matter at all, even the simple things that makes life blessed seems far fetched. Was it all make believe? where did it go wrong? At the end we still eventually become lonely, alone with our thoughts, that constant insatiable desire to want more, something incredible! The past just seems far more entertaining but we still have to constantly live forward and embrace the boredom that comes with growing up.

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