Sunday, 29 April 2012


So I am standing infront of her, almost speechless because I am afraid that if I open my mouth, the words may not come out right, she looks at me and says "baby its ok, talk to me" .. So I decide to speak up and this came out "I love you and I won't even deny it or fight the feeling. Everytime I think of my life and what I want in few years from now, I can almost picture you holding my hand, standing next to me and saying "baby we made it". You are my life force, my everything. You are the orbit my world revolves around, you are the source of my happiness and in you lies my true happiness. And whenever I am far away from you, it feels like the longest winter in my world and how much I crave for a little sunlight. You hold a lighter to my dark heart, You light up my world. You make me fall inlove with you everytime. And when I am holding you close, I never want to leave you. Some part of me hopes you stay in my life for always. I fell inlove with you and made you my bestfriend. You bring out the best in me. You are a fighter and a rider, fight to save me from myself and stay with me even when I become less than my best. You are and would always be my.... Oh shit, my alarm goes off, I open my eyes and realize it was all a dream

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