Wednesday, 23 May 2012


What is happening to our society and the children who would become future leaders of tomorrow. Do we blame it on bad parenting or over exposure to indecent materials. How do we curb the things our kids learn, see or hear during their formative years. Few days ago, few of my friends told me about a video that went viral on the Internet of young boy and girl having proper sexual intercourse in. The first thing that came to my mind was, how did it get this bad? Are the parents aware? Few personal opinions slandered the character of the girl involved because from her actions in the video, it suggested that she knew exactly what to do, she led the little boy on and more also that would not have been their first time. Whoever captured it on film and uploaded it on the Internet should be punished also because to me, that is child pornography. This makes me wonder a lot, what really goes on when parents are not home to watch their kids and they entrust a nanny or a maid to look after their innocent kids. A young boy of such age being exposed to sexual immoral practices is beyond disgusting. It is an eye sore. This is sexual abuse. What I am yet to understand is what led the girl whom I believe her responsibility was to watch over the child engage in such unholy act. Was she also molested at a young age? From reviews of people, they all suggested she knew exactly what to do. Was she sexually abused for a long period of time and the only way to deal with such trauma was take it out on some one else??? How do we curb sexual abuse with our children? Daily we hear of adults raping kids as young as 4 months to 12 years of age. Recently, I read an article about a woman who met a man on line and allowed him violate her daughter who was 5 years of age just to prove her love for him. And then took it further by making a video of it, doesn't that sicken you to your stomach?? A father who raped his own baby of 6 months and gave the baby HIV/AIDS. People In authority that we entrust, misusing their power. The society we live in are experts in covering such practices because girls/boys who are sexually molested by adults cannot speak out. They fear the backlash they would receive and sometimes such claims are never taken serious. The word of a child over that of an adult??? I am still a bit irritated by the fact that this has gone on for too long. What becomes of that young boy In the video or the girl placed to watch over him??? What happens to them psychologically?? Sexual abuse is real... And there are people dying In silence because they cannot speak out. The abuse still continues and it leaves them traumatized for life. Parents should please place watchful eyes over their kids. Don't be too busy to the point where you entrust the life of your baby in the hands of a maid, nanny or an adult family member. Parents protect your kids. That's your responsibility.

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