Sunday, 24 June 2012


Love is for the brave. Sometimes we miss out on the best thing that can ever happen to us because we are too scared to take a leap or make a move. Assumption has always been a silent killer. Someone once said when you assume you make an ass of U(your significant other) and ME. If only people would just say what they feel. Genie's do not exist so it is almost impossible to make wishes come true. If you love someone, let them know. It is better you hear what they have to say than just assume or let your fear of rejection get the best of you.

Her thoughts: So i am here listening to love songs hoping to let my imaginations run wild. This is so depressing and i wish you could see me as more than just a friend. I find myself secretly wishing you would call my cell phone like you always do but this time, you tell me how much i mean to you. I wish you would realise how much i would sacrifice to see you happy, what i would give up just to see you smile, the things i do to please you. I wish you would appreciate me for me and not see me as someone you run to when you need help or comfort. I wish you would spend more time with me more, i wish we would have that moment where i pause for a bit and bask in all the love and attention you spoil me with. I wish you would tell me about how much you miss me and care about me instead of making me listen to your feelings for someone else. I wish we could go to the movies together and just hold hands afterwards. I wish we would have breakfast, lunch and dinner enjoying each others company. I wish i could tell you how i feel about you but i am afraid you may not feel the same.

His thoughts: I keep looking at your pictures and reading your text message all over again trying to over analyse every word and establish a connection. I wish you would realize how much i appreciate you and i am thankful for everyday i get to see you. I wish you would notice how much it hurts me not being able to express how i feel about you, i wish you would understand how much i need you, you are the first person i run to if anything goes wrong, i wish you notice how shy i get when i am around you and how much i want to spend a full day with you but get extremely shy and leave, i wish you realised that moment where i stared at you and how i appreciated every minute of looking at you, i wish you understood what i was trying to say when i called you to tell you about my feelings for someone close to me and how scared i was because i felt they would not feel anything back but in reality i was talking about you, i wish you would realise that the time we had a quick snack at the cafeteria it felt like breakfast and the time we ate at yours, lunch and that evening i asked you to join me for take out because we worked so hard on that essay that was dinner. I wish i could just tell you i much i am in love  with you but i am scared you may resent me afterwards for complicating things between us.

They stayed friends for a very long time and lost touch with each other eventually making it easy for them to grow apart. in between years, they attempted dating different people whilst trying so hard to deny their feelings for each other. finally, they successfully got over each other but got stuck with regrets of what if's moments. if you love someone..... damn... JUST SAY IT! Let them know. 

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