Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Staring at Chioma, I almost rushed to where she was to hug her. Thank God she is alive and obviously intoxicated but she is alive. I looked at the mobile police with so much relief. But the question on everyone’s mind was who got shot?
The receptionist helped Chioma from the floor and proceeded to clean her up, this night was too intense for me. I needed it to be Saturday morning already. My God, Temisan is in the next room.
Temisan was the girl I feel in love with after a nasty break up while I was still young and reckless in the university, she took me in, nurtured me and my heart felt indebted to love her for a lifetime.
She was the reason I was ending my engagement and cancelling my wedding, everything was going according to plan with wedding until 6weeks ago, when I mysteriously ran into Temisan. We talked, had too many lunch dates, I began to fall in love with her again. Slowly but surely, Chioma became extinct in my heart and all I wanted was to be with Temisan.
Was Temisan alright? I rushed to her room, surprisingly the mobile police men followed me also, I opened the door with the key and standing in the lounge of the suite with a pistol in her hand was Temisan. Drops of blood on the floor and damaged hotel property, what in heavenly Father’s name is going on? Temisan! What the hell did you do? I asked. The mobile police rushed to where she was and took the gun from her. It felt like she was in a trance, and suddenly she came back to life screaming “it was self-defense, self-defense. Rape, self-defense”
I was more than curious and I questioned my safety. No one knew temisan was in the hotel with me, not even my best friend Ola, who tried to convince me to stay with Chioma and leave Temisan alone.
My thoughts running wild, was Chioma responsible for this? Did she call someone to the hotel whilst she was in the bathroom to deal with Temisan? What is going? I didn’t tell her Temisan’s room number, was she a covert CIA operative to have cleverly followed me without my knowledge?

Who tried to rape you? I kept asking her, who tried to rape you? Without waiting for any reply, I went to the bedroom, there was no one there and yet again I headed for the bathroom, my God what is with these people and bathrooms? I opened the door, lo and behold; there was no one there, blood splatter everywhere though from the tiles on the floor to the sink, and then on the shower curtain. I turned to walk away but felt inclined to check what was behind the shower curtain. My best friend; Ola was standing in the bath tub, holding his arm, that was shot. Shit just got real!

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  1. Woow! Another masterpiece from our very own madterminder... this is a megastar!