Thursday, 12 June 2014


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Ola! You two timing bastard, best friend indeed, Ola! How could you? How could you? Rape? Ola? Ola? Speak before I commit murder. He just stood there frozen looking at me.
I wasn't sure of what to do; i walked back to the lounge of the suite as I was keen on knowing what transpired. Sat on the sofa and patiently waited for my so called best friend to join me.
Ola finally summoned the courage to walk out, and as soon as her saw everyone, he screamed in his defence “I didn't rape anyone, this crazy bitch tried to kill me because…” “Because…….” “That is all I am going to say”
I turned to Temisan, “what does he mean by he didn't try to rape you” “you said he did”
My God, is this a movie, I was getting so impatient and I decided to let my anger out, I rushed to where Ola was, pressed hard against his gunshot wound, he screamed a bit but then I discovered it was just a scratch, the bullet didn't penetrate his arm. I didn't care much about that, I pressed further.
“Kalu, Temisan is my lover” I was shocked. Lover? Huh? Temisan tell me what is going on? Temisan: yes kalu, Ola and I are lovers. I am his mistress; when I came to the hotel, I asked him to join me but I only discovered on his fone that he has been chatting with your wife to be, check his fone. She points to where the fone was; I hurriedly picked it up and scrolled through the messages.
“Baby, he just called off the wedding, typical Kalu. The idiot still doesn't know what is going on between us. We should celebrate. He had the nerve to tell me about his other slut Temisan. I can’t wait to be in your arms again”
Chioma what is going on? Temisan? Ola? Are you guys freaking mad? I was losing my mind already. Was I getting played?
Still holding on to Ola’s phone, I decided to read every message in his inbox to ascertain where my ex fiancĂ©e began her affair with him, then I noticed a text message from a contact named Tony; Tony happens to be my business partner and he owned the hotel where this drama was unfolding.
“Ola, omo that your friend sha na heavy dunce, he cleared his entire savings for a bogus deal. How are we sharing the spoils?”
My God! Bogus business deal that promised me millions of dollars, my life savings, everything I have ever worked for, I even did a magazine cover announcing my new rich status. Tony may amadioha punish you. I was slowing running mad.
Tony somehow noticed my countenance had changed and by now was heavily guarded by the mobile policemen. I was still in a state of confusion, I sat on the couch. No one in the room said a thing and then my phone beeps; apparently my cell phone has always been with me. A bbm message from Miss Oluchi

“Kalu, I don’t know if I want to keep this from you but I was pregnant with your child, I felt guilty and I felt used. The best thing for me to do was to get an abortion and somehow, I have messed up my system. I am in so much unbearable pain. I can’t take it any more. If you are reading this then I am about to take my life. I have already sent a letter to my family stating that you are responsible for my death. I loved you but you preferred my sister to me, what can Chioma offer you. Kalu, we could have been so much more. You killed me”
OMG, this was too much for me to take, I couldn't hold in any more. I let the tears out. I didn’t care who was in the room. I had no money, I had no friend, my mistress cheated on me, I called my wedding off, I found out my wife to be was having an affair with my best friend. And now, my wife’s younger sister is about to commit suicide. Kalu, your village people are calling you.
Whilst still trying to make sense out of it, private number calling. I became skeptical in taking the call, so I let it ring, 2 missed calls already. Absolute silence in the room, no one was saying anything. Before I kill myself, I might as well find out who is calling me. so I finally pick up
“Hello” the caller replies “Kalu, kalu, kalu, why have you chosen to disgrace this family” “we have been waiting for you since morning” recognizing who the caller was, “papa, you don’t know what is going on”
I opened my eyes and suddenly I realize, I am still in my room, on my bed. A banging headache, 2 bottles of tequila on the floor. I must have taken the call whilst half asleep. That was a dream, a bad dream. Thank God none of it was real, it didn’t happened.
I ended the call without saying a word, Where was Chioma? Temisan? Ola? Tony? I check my fone. 83 missed calls, my battery was down already. Saturday 4pm. Damn, I missed my own wedding.
I felt a sharp pain by my side, I checked to make sure: my shirt was soaked with blood; it felt like something pierced me and on my bed was a loaded Beretta Px4 Storm. Who shot me? And who did I shoot?


  1. Omg this is awesome...can't wait for part 4

  2. Jaw drops...

  3. Ultimately suspense, full of twist and turns this would go for an Oscars have to star iin this Adaeze x☆★★★★★★