Monday, 7 July 2014


Flipping through the pictures in her hidden folder, seeing images that made me cringe, this had to be a dream; a bad dream. This was supposed to be her brother, incest! Really!
Today marked 8months being with Modupe, how can I ever move on? I am not one to snoop around but in the last 8months of our relationship, Modupe's inexplicable closeness to her brother has never bothered me, even their late night conversations, when he calls she leaves the room. The consistent I love you, quite tormenting but then, he was family to her.
I couldn’t still believe it, Modupe and her brother? She has shown me his pictures few times so I was sure he was the one.  What kind of family did I get involved with? All the times where he would call at odd hours and she was unable to leave the room, i was asked to keep mute so he doesn’t know she is with someone else, in her defense her brother was over protective, and she wanted me to be in his good book if I eventually got to meet him. Most times, I would overhear her say “I am with a friend”. I tried to understand, I wanted to be accepted.
Modupe and her brother, incest! I was in proper shock. Every time she travelled back home, Modupe would disappear from planet earth for the duration of her trip and when she comes back, getting intimate with her seemed like a very difficult task. I figured she was from a very spiritual religious home and she was trying to be strong not to cave in to canal desires.
All the fights a night before she would finally make the trip back home, it all made sense. Modupe played me though.
One more month before Modupe passed out from NYSC, I kept remembering how we began; how I took her in; fell in love with her. I catered to her needs, we opened a joint account together barely 3months ago, I even sponsored trips to America, the UK and her brother tagged along. Modupe and her brother though.
I stared at the pictures long enough and began plotting my revenge; I needed more inspiration so I proceeded to her messages. She sent a lot of text messages to a contact named baby, and the contact wasn’t me, I can only assume it was her brother or a stranger.  Modupe what did I ever do to you? Who calls their sibling by a pet name and exchange a lot of sexual themed messages? Modupe.
Two days before my discovery, I had planned a getaway surprise for us that cost me a fortune as a present to her to celebrate our anniversary, I intended on proposing. She has always had her reservations concerning spending a lifetime with me but I was convinced Modupe was the one. Her brother decided it was in my best interest to call and ruin our plan, Modupe suggested we cancel the trip so she can go home to take of her brother. Her parents are alive and well, they have workers in their house, Modupe has other grown siblings to take care of her brother but she chose to honor his invitation over us spending a weekend together. I kept thinking, she must really love her brother so much.
A night before her trip, as a routine we had our useless silly fight. Modupe slept on the couch in the living room, with her bag already packed and placed by the side of the couch. At 2am, I woke up and decided to check on her in an attempt to convince her to come back into the room, on approaching the living room, she was talking on the phone without realizing my presence in the room, so I remained quiet as possible to eaves drop on the conversation. “I love you baby, I can’t live without you” “I can’t wait to be in your arms again” “you are my world and everything”. The conversation goes on for almost 20 mins. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Modupe was cheating on me with another man, and if indeed it was her brother; then they are just plain rotten.
I waited until she was through with her conversation, from the corner of the living room; I watched her switch off her phone and bury it deep inside her bag. In less than 5mins, Modupe was fast asleep, a deep sleeper too. I carefully walked to where her bag was and fished out her phone. I took the phone back into the room to peruse the contents of the phone with the intention of returning the phone before she would wake up, i didnt get half way through the contents and somehow I passed out with the phone in my hand. I opened my eyes few seconds later, only to discover, it was 1pm. I rushed to the living room and I realized Modupe was long gone, she didn’t even say bye before leaving.
While I was still trying to understand what was going on, speak of the devil. Incoming call; Baby. I let it ring 4 times in a row. I somehow summoned the courage to pick the call; I was going to confront her brother with the pictures I saw. I said “hello” he replied “who is this and why do you have Modupe’s phone?” I replied “I am her friend, she left her phone” i overhear him call out “MO” which was the pet name she had warned me never to call her. “Your friend found your phone “. I asked “please sir, are you her brother” he replied “no, my wife doesn't have a brother, I am her husband”. I was speechless, in the background I could hear Modupe’s voice asking for the name of the friend. Modupe is married? To a man she paraded as her brother? WTH is going on? 
Whilst lost in my thoughts, trying so hard to figure out what was going on, boom! A voice brought me back to reality “hello this is Mrs Modupe Peter, who is this and how come you have my phone?”
My ears, oh my! I panicked and ended the call. So Modupe is married! WOW! A Mrs! Mrs Modupe! Was i cursed?
Beep! 1 new message received, i was more than curious to know what the message was about.
"MARCH 2014 STATEMENT. A/c: 3XXXX71X. Startbal: NGN300,000. Dep:NGN10,000,000. Wdr: NGN9,500,000. Endbal: NGN500,000.
The account number was the same as the account number of the joint account. My NGN10,000,000. Modupe!

Incoming Call: Baby

Hell on earth!


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